About The Haunted Forest

Welcome to The Haunted Forest

The Mission Statement of The Haunted Forest is: “to create a unique and exciting Halloween experience of theater in the woods and to promote the Vermont values of fun, family, and community involvement.”

Top Ten Reasons to Visit The Haunted Forest

10. You want to see what all the fuss is over the longest running and largest outdoor theater event in Vermont!
9. You want more than a cliche dinner-and-a-movie date.
8. You’re tired of corn maze after corn maze after corn maze.
7. You want to experience a true Halloween outing that will not only bring you closer as a family, it will have you clutching each other for dear life.
6. You know your friends are scaredy-cats who will scream when something jumps out of the woods at them.
5. You think you WOULDN’T scream.
4. You want to support your fellow community members in creating a fabulous Vermont tradition.
3. You want to find the jack-o-lantern you carved at our October 17th Pumpkin Carving Day grinning at you from the trail.
2. You want to bring your kids to a fun, family-friendly, not gross and gory, show.
1. You want to see what has become of the infamous Project X!

What is this event? The Haunted Forest combines outdoor theater, special effects, the magic of the night forest, and the spirit of Halloween to delight audiences of all ages.  Performances are at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center in Williston, Vermont.

How cool is this event? The Haunted Forest is a unique Vermont Halloween celebration that has entertained audiences for more than 25 years. The Vermont Chamber of Commerce has name it a Top Ten Autumn Events in the state, and multiple performances sell out every year. The Haunted Forest attracts an audience of over 6,000 people. It is the largest outdoor theatrical event and the most popular Halloween event in the state.

What happens at this event? Mysterious guides lead guests through the dark and foreboding forest, where paths are lit by over 1,000 flickering Jack-O’-Lanterns. Throughout their passage, visitors encounter strange and fascinating characters in a variety of scenes befitting the Halloween season. The costumes, makeup, and special effects enhance the macabre mood of the forest. Every now and then, a surprise from the darkness gives folks the good-natured scare they are seeking. The entire Haunted Forest performance is orchestrated to evoke the spooky, playful, and eerie aspects of Halloween in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Who produces this event? Production of The Haunted Forest is made possible by the hard work and dedication of over 400 volunteers! Volunteer participation in The Haunted Forest provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to support a community non-profit organization. Indeed, it was a group of volunteers that formed the organization to continue the event when the Green Mountain Audubon made its decision to no longer host the event after 21 years.