Production Team

Production Team

While the Executive Board meets year round, our production team starts meeting in the early spring.  The production team is made up of several of our Key Volunteers that have stepped up to accept a leadership position to bring the forest alive.  From paper to performance this team brings the forest to life.  In addition to our current board members this year we have several other production team members.

Devin Porter- One of the lead team members on the Vortex project as well as the master carpenter for the production team.  Devin brings his creative and his construction skills to the Forest.  Devin has been a volunteer with the forest for 4 years now.

Bob Robertson- The master mind behind Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers, Bob has brought years of Haunting experience to the Forest this year tackling more projects then bring that spooky animatronic quartet to life.

Bryan Moreau-  Every year Bryan creates unique lighting designs to the show.  From introducing new lighting effects to mastering the perfect color combination Bryan is responsible for designing and hanging all the lighting needs in the show.

Carl Peach- As our long time webmaster, Carl is the go to person to solve any of our technological issues.

Thank you to all our production team members for their time and dedication to making the show a success this season!