Management Team

David Melincoff, President

Herb Sinkinson, Vice President

Louise Peach, Treasurer

James Pallack, Board Member- I’m a Stranger in a Strange Land that has been working on The Haunted Forest since 1997 when it was a the Green Mountain Audubon Center in Huntington, VT.  I started out just helping them on Saturday’s during Set Construction.  Over the years, I started as a Guide and eventually started acting but ALWAYS guiding at least one night so could “see” the show.   While doing this I also watched HOW they ran the show.   Little did I know how that would come in later years. So now the Halloween bug has gotten me, I continue to explore more ways to scare, entertain, or whatever the Victims that come to the show as one of the creative masterminds behind many of the new projects.  This year I will continue my role as one of the team leaders for the Vortex and as one of the Technical Directors.