Who We Are


The Haunted Forest:

Our event is a Halloween-themed outdoor theater performance in the forest of Williston, Vermont. For 35 years over 400 volunteers in our community come together for three nights (October 27, 28, & 29) and one matinee show (October 29th) to provide an unforgettable evening of Halloween outdoor theater. During the show mysterious guides lead our guests through the dark and foreboding forest, where paths are lit by over 1,000 flickering Jack-O’-Lanterns. Throughout their passage, visitors encounter approximately eleven Halloween-themed performances, where strange and fascinating characters entertain our guests with traditional New England tales. The scenes range in their entertainment from scary to funny to artistic, while the costumes, makeup, and special effects enhance the macabre mood of Halloween. Every now and then, a surprise from the darkness gives folks the good-natured scare they are seeking. The entire Haunted Forest performance is orchestrated to evoke the spooky, playful, and eerie aspects of Halloween in a one-of-a-kind setting. Run completely by volunteers The Haunted Forest is a family friendly event geared toward cultivating community engagement with the arts through outdoor entertainment. In 2013 the forest welcomed Sindy Skinless and The Decomposers and we are excited to welcome them back this year.

Our History:

The first Haunted Forest in Vermont was held 36 years ago in October of 1980. The tradition began as a fundraiser for the Audubon Society in Huntington, Vermont. When the Audubon Society in Huntington could no longer host the event after 21 years, a group of devoted volunteers formed the organization Fun for Change to carry on the tradition of The Haunted Forest. We found a new home at the Catamount Family Center in Williston, Vermont, but we’ve kept the same Halloween spirit! In 2015, we were unable to host the event, but we are back for 2016, making this our 35th year.

Our Volunteers:

Production of The Haunted Forest is made possible by the hard work and dedication of over 400 volunteers! Volunteer participation in The Haunted Forest provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to support a community non-profit organization. Indeed, it was a group of volunteers that formed the organization to continue the event when the Green Mountain Audubon made its decision to no longer host the event after 21 years.