Volunteer Info


Every year The Haunted Forest depends on hundreds of volunteers to bring this event to life.  We host a kick off event in September of every year where we enjoy some good food and talk about the upcoming season and the different positions we have available.  This is a great time to meet our managing director as well as different members of the board.  This serves as the opening of our season where we announce our theme as well as start scheduling our pre-production work parties.  We do have set work parties on the weekends but also privately schedule weekday work parties for community schools or companies to bring groups of volunteers to help out. So check out the descriptions below because whether you want to be on stage or behind the scenes, we need your talent and enthusiasm to bring the forest to life. Please read through the following descriptions to decide what activities you would like to commit to.

SET-UP DAYS: Come help build sets, organize props and costumes, maintain trails, and set the stages for the magic of the forest. Wear something you can get paint and dirt on, bring cordless tools if you have them (drills, etc.) and have some serious fun! Set up is family friendly and a specific date/time for your group to help with a project can be arranged. General set up dates are listed on our volunteer application page(Commitment: 10am-4pm; come for as much or as little as you like!)

PUMPKIN CARVING DAY: Help us carve more than 1,000 jack-o-lanterns! There’s always a fun contest, free food, and entertainment! Bring your friends, and carve as many as you’d like. Family friendly. If you cannot attend on our established dates (listed here) a specific date/time can be arranged for your group. You can also pick some up to carve at your own location (tools and templates provided). (Commitment: 10am-4pm; come for as much or as little as you like!)


CHARACTER – Characters needed: 40 per show, age 15 and over. Act in the scenes and put your dramatic talents to work (following scripts and guidelines). There are normally between two and four characters per scene, so you can choose a scene and sign up with a friend or let us place you in the perfect role. You can act in one performance or more, and can choose several different roles if you want. Volunteer actors are required to attend rehearsal. (Commitment: 5pm-12am)

DANCER- Dancers Needed: 20 per show, age 15 and over. Perform a basic dance routine at our cemetery scene. No previous dance experience is needed, but 2-3 rehearsals are required with our choreographer. (Commitment: 5pm-12am)

SCAREFORCE – ScareForce needed: 10-15 per show, age 15 and over. Help entertain (aka: scare) guests of the forest between scenes. ScareForce will be in makeup and costume, stationed throughout the forest performing mini vignettes or routines. No specific lines to learn but must follow guidelines. ScareForce volunteers must be willing to help with additional volunteer responsibilities (pumpkin lighting, etc) and are required to attend rehearsal. (Commitment: 5pm-midnight)

GUIDE – Guides needed: 80 per performance, age 15 and over. Carry a lantern and lead groups through the Forest, stopping at each scene. Grab a snack and warm up at the guide fire in between groups. This is a great activity for friends, clubs, sports teams, community service organizations and fraternities/sororities. No lines to learn, and you get to wear a cool black cloak! Guides are required to attend rehearsal. (Commitment 5pm-midnight)

MAKE-UP/COSTUMING – Help our makeup artist and characters get ready for the show. Training provided at a Make-up Workshop; learn the secrets of stage make-up and how to make someone look old… or dead. (Commitment: 5pm – 7pm)

FOOD RELIEF – Fuel the show, deliver snacks and beverages to cast and crew during the shows. (Commitment: 5pm-midnight)

FOOD CONCESSION – Help prepare and sell snacks to guests of the forest. (Commitment: 5pm-midnight)

LINE MANAGEMENT – Work the line, greet guests and take tickets, coordinate groups going into the forest. (Commitment: 5pm-midnight)

TECHNICAL CREW AND RUNNERS – Help keep the show running smoothly from behind the scenes or operate special effects. Provide logistical support for staff as needed.(Commitment: 5pm-midnight)

PARKING – Greet guests and keep traffic and parking organized. (Commitment: 6pm-11pm)

SET STRIKE – When the show is over, help take apart the production and store materials for next year. Come anytime between 10am and 4 pm for as much time as you can give, any participation helps!